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Report: Activists Leave Vacant Tents to Promote Homelessness in Democrat-Run Portland

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A drug counselor working with the homeless in Democrat-controlled Portland, Oregon, shed light on how activists are apparently working to keep individuals on the streets.

“This is an empty tent erected by activists to encourage people to live in tents,” Kevin Dahlgren was quoted as saying, Fox News reported Sunday.

Dahlgren spends a lot of time connecting with the homeless community and shares videos of those conversations to alert people to the “dysfunctional system” that is supposed to remedy the problem.

In a clip posted Saturday, a man named Anthony told Dahlgren, “The major struggle with homelessness is they just give up hope.”

“The major struggle with homelessness is they just give up hope”. I met Anthony three days ago in inner NE Portland. We started talking and he opened up to me on how he became homeless and the hopelessness he was feeling. When I found him he wasn’t sure what he was going to do pic.twitter.com/0rzllYNCCZ

— Kevin Dahlgren (@kevinvdahlgren) March 11, 2023

The state has one of the highest homelessness rates in the country, but Anthony told Fox News he has not witnessed permanent solutions being offered to those in need, claiming they simply offer a blanket or tent.

Meanwhile, the city’s nonprofit groups hand out syringes, pipes, and naloxone, which is used to reverse an overdose. Those groups call the efforts harm reduction.

However, Dahlgren slammed the city’s approach to the addiction and homelessness problem, calling it “all harm and no reduction.”

Dahlgren added, “They won’t even offer the sobriety solution or the recovery solution. You’re giving a person who already lacks critical thinking and rational thought the means to continue to use, and that’s insane to me. And it feels at times really inhumane.”

In January, a Portland woman who was asked what it is like being homeless said, “It’s a piece of cake, really.”

“That’s probably why you’ve got so many out here because they feed you three meals a day. You don’t have to do shit but stay in your tent or party or if you smoke a lot of dope, you can do that,” she added:

“It’s a piece of cake…you get three meals a day and don’t have to do shit…wake up, eat get high, wake up eat get high” repeat. A homeless woman shared with me why it’s so easy to be homeless. She was brutally honest because she hates the enablement “They are loving us to death” pic.twitter.com/HxRUoSFFFu

— Kevin Dahlgren (@kevinvdahlgren) December 31, 2022

Now, Dahlgren is hopeful the city’s plan to create designated camping areas will be the first of many moves forward to correct the problem, eventually helping people become self-sufficient.

Meanwhile, Breitbart News reported in August that families in Portland were leaving because of the rampant homelessness and crime.

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